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Exhibition: “Portraits of the City”

Portraits of the City” is a collaborative exhibition consisting of three Caribbean artists: Akilah Mitchell, Kaleel Kanor-Doublier and Kenrick Baksh.


The exhibition takes place from:the 17th – 19th of August

#63 Carlos Street, Woodbrook, POS


Information on participating artists:

Akilah Mitchell

My main focus in doing this piece was to show despite going through difficult times, there will come a moment when things will start to fall into place bit by bit, a message that I keep in mind whenever faced with challenges.

This is portrayed by the dismayed atmosphere the piece gives off with the help of the purple sky and the look of the building itself, among it one can see hope with the streaks of yellow and the brightness of the trees. This was the interpretation I created for myself when doing this piece, overall I prefer the viewers to feel want they like when looking at any of my work.


Kaleel Kanor-Doublier

People are something I’ve always been fascinated by and this fascination grew throughout secondary school. After school, I would walk from QRC to City Gate and see the many faces pass me by; each face with the same composition – eyes, nose, ears and mouth, but somehow, all different and unique.

This interest grew when I started studying Boscoe Holder’s figures and saw how he was able to suggest simple features, which would make the portraits come alive. I strived to be able to do the same in my chalk pastel and oil paint portraits. All portraits are done from live models as I tried to not only get the
wholesomeness of the figures, but also to engage persons of my age in conversation about themselves, Art and social issues in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. One of my goals is to be able to start back the paintings of the Governor of the Central Bank as I heard it was recently stopped.


Kenrick Baksh

Kenrick Baksh was born January 11th 1995 to Beverly and Kenrick Baksh (father), after spending two years in Cumuto the family moved to Arouca where Kenrick spent most of his life. He is currently enrolled in the Master of Architecture program at the Caribbean School of Architecture at the University of Technology, Jamaica.

Kenrick’s interest in photography started in his third year of study during a class trip to Curacao. Fascinated by the Dutch influenced “Creole Architecture” he started story telling through digital imagery by capturing and documenting on behalf of his class. His photographical journey continued through Jamaica, Trinidad, Grenada and France which impelled his focus on “Caribbeaness”.

Kenrick’s photography presents a unique aesthetic as it conveys from an architect’s perspective capturing the spirit of the space or place. His aim is to document and promote Caribbean Architecture, an idiosyncratic composition like its Caribbean People.