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THINKARTWORKTT STUDIO CARIFESTA culturally infused group exhibition Represent Vol.2: RISE TOGETHER presents a talk for discussion on the theme,

“A New Caribbean Economic Alternative”

Date: Thursday 27th August 6pm

Guest Speaker NIGEL GITTENS presents “Under Fire”

Author of the Books, ‘Sustainable World’ and recently, ‘Balancing The Economy’, Nigel Gittens is a graduate of the University Of The West Indies (Bsc., Civil Eng., Hons) and Henley Management College (MBA) and has been a registered practicing civil engineer for the past thirty-nine years. He has also been a keen student of Macro Socio-Economics, studying closely the works of noted historical economic philosophers such as Adam Smith, Henry George, David Ricardo and Leon MacLaren for the past thirty-three years.

The book first looks at the history of the economy of Trinidad and Tobago since the second World War and catalogues the country’s cycles of boom and bust since then. The country is heavily dependent on oil and natural gas for its economic fortunes and the economic cycles over the years have generally been as a result of the fluctuations of the international price levels of oil and natural gas.

The book puts forward a specific prescription that had been espoused by the great economic philosophers mentioned above, of which modern day economic thought and policy have largely ignored. This specific prescription, that will bring the economy into balance, can treat with the following problems confronting Trinidad and Tobago or any other country for that matter:-

. The burgeoning unemployment and under-employment problem which sees many young persons who are well educated, not having access to gainful, full time employment and having to migrate to other places,

. The perennial housing shortage that sees as many as one fifth of the country’s inhabitants seeking out more affordable and acceptable housing and the State seemingly unable to treat with this issue,

. The poverty rate which has stubbornly stuck at twenty percent of the country’s population despite a burgeoning social security sector,

. The unmanageable crime rate which sees the country rated as the tenth most homicidal in the world(per capita).

. The prospects for the economic fortunes of the country as a result of the vagaries of the global oil and gas markets and the viable alternatives,

. The general lack of productivity and lack of creativity in wealth production in the country,

. And Much, Much More.

The book will tune the average reader into, in a simple way, with what the past great economic thinkers have prescribed, much of which is absent today and will give fresh insights and real possibilities not only for Trinidad and Tobago but the world.

For those of us wanting a fresh look at the subject of economic development, this is a must read!

Please RSVP to confirm your attendance by Monday 26th August, 2019.

We look forward to your participation in the discussion!