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The Melting Pot

Think Artwork TT Studio presents

Keisha Butcher and Acacia Butcher-Wilson’s, “The Melting Pot“.

The event takes place on the 17th November 2017.

Opening  10 am – 6pm.


Keisha Butcher 

17th March 1976

Keisha Butcher describes herself as a Caribbean woman; Trini at heart – inspired by all things West Indian. Keisha is the product of both her environment and her heritage. She hails from a sporting, artistic, business-oriented family – as the younger daughter of Drs. Kenneth and Patricia Butcher, both exemplars in the fields of spirt and tourism, respectively.

No doubt this rich heritage would have influenced her first art exhibition, The Melting Pot.

Her formal training is as a student of Ms. Ann-Marie Howard (nee Garcia) at St. Joseph’s Convent, St. Joseph, where Keisha ‘learned’ the techniques she uses.

When she sits down to turn a blank canvas into a work of art, her mission is to cause the work to leap off the page.  She can only liken the feeling to one that must be similar to what the Creator feels as He creates.  She signs every piece with ‘TYL’ above her name – a tribute to Him – Thank You Lord.

Keisha sees the connection between her art and her legal profession.  She describes it best when she says, ” I paint like a lawyer… I follow the ‘precedent’ of created things”.

Her inspiration for this collection came from a painting she did more than a decade ago, conceptualized by her sister Cherrie and herself.  That painting “Island Rhythms” is the pinnacle of The Melting Pot, as in itself it is a complete display of West Indian culture, architecture, land and seascapes.

It is her absolute joy to pass this to her daughter, Acacia, and to share in the creative space with her.



Acacia Butcher-Wilson 

3rd September 2001

Acacia Butcher-Wilson, 16, attends Bishop Anstey High School East.  She started art lessons with Ms. Howard in 2016 and continues her training at school as well.

Acacia loves the impressionist style of painting, with the use of visible brush strokes.  This, she seeks to master as she brings her pieces to life.

Keisha is thrilled to share in this first exhibition with Acacia and to be hosted by ThinkArtWork Studio.

Artist Statement

There is such a depth of life when one taps into that part of the soul that is filled with creative energy! There is a never ending flow of inspiration and life in art.  Art is a well of healing, in it I soar, I am strong, and there is no limit.