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TAW January: Featured Artist Marise Rodriguez


Artist Bio

Marise Rodriguez, who is self-taught, has a love of the impressionistic, impasto style in oil painting, with free, fluid, textured movements, captures the period and moods of the subject. Monet inspires her bright, colour works and several local artists like Hinkson, O’Connor, Louison and Superville. 



A passion to convey the vibrancy of our Caribbean regions using varied techniques,  

She loves to capture our rich history and culture of Trinidad and Tobago. 

Her paintings in varied mediums of oil, acrylic and watercolor joyfully expresses the use bright and cheerful colours in land and sea scapes, which has fluidity of seablues, greens and white; flowering trees are textured with layering of pinks and golds in the pointillism technique; and old rustic houses must convey the interesting architectural element and features of the past periods before destruction to modern buildings.

The effects are developed through the brush strokes of her favorite topics, expressed with her special touchy-feely techniques.  She captures the translucency, light, moods, movements in clouds, seas, figures and foliage with impasto and glazing techniques. Her flowering trees and seascapes mark her character to record the older times.   Her paintings are quite popular, desirable, her special

ty being the Poui trees, and can be found in several local and world-wide homes.

She is a Registered artist #AR16000759 with the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Arts.  Tax Free Invoices are available.