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TAW Featured Consignment Artist: Jackie Hinkson

Today’s featured artist is Donald “Jackie” Hinkson (b. (September 13, 1942 Port of Spain), Trinidad a master watercolourist who has had a lifelong preoccupation with capturing the unique landscape, architecture, and lifestyle of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

Here’s some information compiled from an interview with the artist VIA the Guardian, Mr.Hinkson’s personal website, and frequent conversations/ interactions.

As a watercolourist, he avoids shortcuts or any tricks of the trade. You’ll never find Chinese white in any of his pieces; instead he uses the natural white of the paper. A disciplined draughtsman, he focuses on technical proficiency and economy of style, acquired through years of apprenticeship

At a time when so many artists seek symbolism over technical dexterity and in a place where local art has become more derivative than innovative, Hinkson has steadfastly refused to move with the crowd. His pieces draw you in and represent an insightful take on Caribbean culture that is as real and intrinsic as the steelpan music he so enjoys.

The artist evolves
Over the past 20 years Hinkson has expanded his repertoire of subjects and his range of media.  In addition to the numerous (more than 75) sketch pads that he has filled with sketches and visual notes on people, places and events, he has also produced a series of 14 large oils in which he has depicted events from the life of Christ in a contemporary Trinidadian context.  These works exhibited in 2002 and 2003 and have received wide national acclaim.

In 2002 the Unit Trust Corporation sponsored a retrospective of Hinkson’s work, curated by Pat Bishop, covering some 40 years. It included exhibitions of drawings and sculpture, watercolours, oils and murals (including the Life of Christ series).  This retrospective was the impetus for a book conceived by Pat Bishop and published in December 2003 on Hinkson’s drawings, “Drawing for Days” ­ 40 years of Drawings by Jackie Hinkson.

Hinkson continues to draw extensively and to paint plein-air watercolours and oils. He has completed a new series  of figurative wood sculptures and is currently working on a 8 1/2 foot by 100 foot mural entitled “Masquerade” in which certain aspects of Trinidad society are portrayed, at times satirically, through the metaphor of Carnival.  This work reflects an increasing tendency in Hinkson’s expression towards social commentary as further evidenced in his 2009 drawing exhibition at the Softbox Studios.

In 2010 Hinkson started a series of oils depicting the contemporary urban landscape.

Get in contact with the Artist:

Tel:   (868) 624 7922
Cell: (868) 710 1507  
Fax:  (868) 625 3075