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Who is Safiya Hoyte?

From as long as I could remember my life has been entirely emerged in Art, this naturalistic connection can be attributed to my own personal upbringing. I grew up in a single parent household like many Caribbean individuals, however, my father was my primary parent.

By sociological default, we assimilate characteristics, mannerisms, values of individuals, which then become apart of our own personalities. Art became one of the values which I held to an apex standard not only because my father was a self-employed Visual Artist but also due to the fact that at numerous points in my life it felt like art was the only thing stable in my life that I was actually good at. Art provided me with unexplainable amounts of psychological release and comfort.

My upbringing was wholesome given the circumstances from as early as 4 years old I would be at my little table next to my father’s studio desk drawing trees, flowers or at least my own interpretation of these things. Art allowed me to see the world from a stimulating point of view.

Throughout my life, many have attempted to dissuade me from pursuing this career path due primarily to the fact that it is not viewed as a “stable, practical” means to support oneself. Despite these sentiments art has always presented itself as a predestined path and within recent times it has transformed into itself into a hidden chromosome intricately rooted within the inner fragments of my DNA.

I am adamant and refuse to not attempt to pursue my artistic dreams, regardless of the adverse circumstances which society perpetuated unto me. Call it foolish ambition if you will but there is a driving force inside of me that is hell-bent on showing the world what I have to offer through my art. People continuously underestimate artists and the impact which art contributes to our society.

I firmly believe that with the obtainment of a formal education of Fine Arts at a prestige and diverse institution like SCAD I will be able to have the necessary tools to be recognized as a Visual Artist globally and simultaneously make connections with individuals which will in turn allow me to sustain myself off of my passion which is solely derived from the production of art.

Honestly, it would be a dream come true for me to have the privilege as an upcoming Trinidadian female artist to attend, the institution of my dreams, SCAD and more than ever be one of the first members of my family to receive a college diploma. I am optimistic that with assistance and the creator’s guidance I will be able to achieve this lifelong dream of mine.



Update on the #SendSafiToScad campaign:

Greetings Everyone,

I would firstly like to thank all of those who have shared and donated towards my academic venture. I am eternally grateful for your support and generosity.

I am pleased to inform you that I have enrolled to SCAD for the Fall 2019 term, Savannah, GA.

Additionally, I recently received an Academic and an Achievement Scholarship from SCAD, which reduces my overall tuition cost and can be renewed yearly once my GPA is maintained. However, I am still attempting to raise the balance of funds necessary for my tuition and housing for the academic year.

From the 21st – 28th June I will be exhibiting a series of artistic works in conjunction with my father Fitzroy Hoyte. All funds generated from the exhibition would go towards the #SendSafiToScad campaign.


Link to the GoFundMe page: