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We believe that in light of all the challenges we have faced as creatives and individuals it is essential for us to still strive to create art that evokes positivity, purpose, and unified change. Through this exhibit, we hope that by allowing the opening of interpretation to this year’s theme that various thoughts, ideas, expressions, and emotions will be able to inspire all who attend.

This exhibition features the work of the following Artists:- 

Bunty O’Connor  | Leroy Clarke | Sundiata | Carlisle Harris | Sarah Beckett | Jackie Hinkson | Celina Besson | Joy Luk Pat | Damian Luk Pat | Wendy Stephen Bissoon | Sabrina Charran | Jason Hospedales | Colin Gill | Sean Smith | Junnel Lewis | Josi Archer | Ihsan Khayri | Michelle Tappin Davis | Simone Jacelon | Kevin McMayo | Meera Maraj-Khan|  Larry Maynard | Vida Mitchell | Anika Plowden Corentin | Maya Cross-Lovelace | Daniel Lewis | Hubert Jones | Jade Kirsten | Ruthven Bari Walkins | Raisa Abby | Makemba Kunle | Bandele Iyapo and more


Exhibition Dates: 1st – 22nd October 2021

Mon – Thursday: 2 pm – 7pm 

Friday and Saturdays : By appointment only 


Please be advised that all Covid Protocols must be observed. We look forward to greeting you !


Check out our gallery of Featured Artist and their Artwork: