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Featured UNITED Artist: “Marinna Shareef”

Marinna Shareef

Marinna Shareef is a 20-year-old Trinidadian multidisciplinary artist who specialises in manipulating both digital and physical media to portray her everyday feelings. She is inspired by the magnitude and mystery of her emotions that she experiences as someone who deals with bipolar disorder, using visual imagery to organize her thoughts into a way that she can better understand.

You can find her work on Instagram, or see some of her digital projects on her Youtube channel: Mahrinna.

Instagram: @mahrinnart

Some of Marinna’s artwork featured at the studio include:

The Stone Wall

Acrylic Paint, Fluid

This self-portrait depicts what social anxiety is like to me. While I have some control and go out of my comfort zone in order to get better at socializing, I still feel somewhat stuck in between a stone wall. I try to distract people from my awkward interactions by making jokes or “decorating” the conversation so that they would not see through my facade, which is why I used so much color and glitter in this piece. It’s all a distraction to hide that I feel stuck.


St Ann’s Hospital

Acrylic Fluid and Resin on Stretched Canvas.

This piece is about what the brain of St Ann’s Hospital would be like if it was human. The concept of a building jumping off a building came to me when thinking about the collective chaotic thoughts of the people admitted to the mental institution. From there, I worked on using color to express the fast-paced motion of thoughts that one has when going through an attack.