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Featured UNITED Artist: Lenisha Modeste

Lenisha Modeste 

Trinidad based artist Lenisha Modeste (b. 1993) creates drawings and paintings that she describes as whimsical realism. With her mind set on fashion design from a young age she would spend hours doodling to create designs. After completing of high school and enrolled on the path to become an accountant she joined the first of four informal art schools where she would gain the knowledge needed to follow her design dreams but instead finding an escape in art while making the unpopular choice of not continuing on an academic path.

In those classes she was introduced to the foundational aspects of working with charcoal, pencils, pens and acrylics and would further seeking knowledge online through other artists. Along the way she decided she could teach herself how to paint with oils and is currently being guided by a teacher.

Her art works to explore the external beauty of the human form with a particular interest: in representing women of colour and their plight to accept their hair and beauty in a world that once fought against it and the internal conflict humans endure as it pertains to our socialisation and identities.

Modeste states:

“I create because when I don’t I become uneasy and knowing the only obstacle in creating is my knowledge of the medium and/ or techniques. With pencils it’s like and extension of my arm and sometimes the motions are fluid; and I’m on a quest to recreate that magic with paint brushes.”

“I’m inspired my surroundings, and books, podcasts and music combined with my mental space. The aim is to have a distinctive style and convey a vibe that resonates; its very self indulgent in that way. My people are a representation of me and so I see myself in them figuratively speaking.”


Get in contact with the Artist:

Instagram: @bornmodesty