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Featured UNITED Artist: Javaughn Forde

Javaughn Forde 

Javaughn has been interested in various art forms since his early adolescent years. Forde states,” As a 20-year-old I’m engrossed in
the world of poetry as well as painting and work with the largest body for spoken word inTrinidad and Tobago “The 2 Cents Movement”. His work revolves heavily around surreal pop and is focused on the balance which is held between life and death as well as the human figure and the multiple ways in which it manoeuvres throughout the challenges faced.

Javaughn as a poet he has managed to place second at the NDC Spoken Word competition in 2016 as well as become a two-time finalist at the FCB National Poetry Slam.

Some of Javaughn’s work featured at the studio include:

Unholy trinity is a three-part painting based on the popular Street Fighter Character Dhalsim. This take shows, in thee parts, the body and way in which it responds to the trials and tribulations which come with fighting. The body, a flesh bag, the bones, a structure and the soul, a life force all come together to make a fighter.