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Featured NEXUS Artist: Zariyah Ashby

Zariyah Ashby

Zariyah Ashby is a 19-year-old girl who loves art, music, and literature, besides painting and drawing she spends a large amount of my “free time” completely immersed in different types of movies, music and literary works, which is where she gets some of my inspiration and motivation to paint.

For example, sometimes she may hear a certain word or phrase and an image forms in her mind, however, although she loves art and is quite passionate about it, there are periods where I do not pain and tend feel like I’m incapable of creating work.


Asby states, “Whenever I paint, my aim usually is to create “things” that are “beautiful”. More than painting and drawing, I really want to create things, i want to design things and to maybe even craft. I wouldn’t like to say that I am obsessed with the female figure and form, but it may appear that way because this is often what I depict in my art, however, these days I have decided to  explore a bit, where the subject matter of my paintings and drawings are concerned.”
 Music and art itself have always been really inspirational thematically in my artwork as well as films, cartoons, anime and video games that I’ve played.
Ashby states, “I really love watching indie/foreign films, most recently I found myself really inspired by the cinematography/visuals of the film ” Call Me By Your Name” which really affected and has been fundamentally inspirational in my artwork of late.”
Ashby’s preview artwork for the Nexus exhibition include:-
Medium: Acrylic on Mixed Media Paper
Date: 2018
Get in contact with the artist!

Instagram: zariyahashby