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Artist Residency : Haitian Artist “David Charlier”

David Charlier 

Charlier was first introduced to art by participating in a drawing class with his aunt and teacher Elzire Malebranche.


Charlier later developed an interest for the world of theatre specifically set design and scenography. His artistic subjects deal with ethereal worlds inhabited by fantasy characters from his traditional heritage infused with elements from the modern day society and culture.

Through his work he strives to transpire his divergent skills of architecture, acting and dance that constitute his identity/being.

Charlier defines his art as impulsive and emotive; he works instantaneously adding multiple layers infused with emotion and feeling. Due to his performance background, he utilizes aspects of traditional rhythm in modern contexts making his performances exceptionally captivating and emotionally connecting.



Charlier is currently collaborating with THINKARTWORKTT for a Pop-Up art exhibit entitled, Ces peuples qui habites mes pinceaux which translates as “these people inhabiting my brushes”.

The exhibit takes place on the 14th and 15 of August between the hours of 4pm-7pm

Location: #63 Carlos Street, Woodbrook.

The exhibition is inspired by the series of everyday aspects and experiences, which impact Charlier thus fueling his artistic drive and in turn are manifested throughout his series of paintings.